Backyard Basics, offered by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Travis County, will provide consumers, backyard gardeners, homemakers, educators and farmers a “do-it-yourself” learning opportunity on tips for harvesting and preserving your garden produce, caring for bees and raising chickens for home egg production.

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When: Second Thursday, August – November, 10 am to noon Where: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service-Travis County, 1600-B Smith Road, Austin, 78721
Cost: $10/seminar for early registration; $15/seminar for late or on-site. NO cash accepted - checks and credit cards only.
Space is limited so register on-line early to reserve your seat! Register:
Register by Phone: 979-845-2604
Contact: Sue Carrasco, 512-854-9610 or

August 11 – Garden to Kitchen - Tips for a Fresh and Tasty Harvest

The best part of vegetable gardening is the harvest! Give your home‐grown vegetables the attention they deserve with proper harvesting and handling techniques. Master Gardener Patty Leander shares tips on when to harvest produce at its prime along with proper storage conditions for peak quality and flavor. Cost: $10 thru 8/1, $15 starting 8/2 and onsite

September 8 – To Bee, or Not to Bee

Come learn all about bees: anatomy, society & communication. Gather information on establishing your first hive, beekeeping equipment and integrated pest management. Master Gardener Ginny Stubblefield has been a beekeeper for 3 years and is a member of the Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association and the Austin Area Beekeepers. Cost: $10 thru 8/29, $15 starting 8/30 and onsite.

October 13 – Chickens in Your Backyard

Are you ready for the fun and rewarding experience of keeping your own backyard chickens? Learn about planning your coop, breed selection, caring for chicks, ideas to beat boredom, diets for delicious eggs and keeping the coop clean. Master Gardener Ally Stresing will help you get started with this informative talk on raising the home flock.Cost: $10 thru 10/3, $15 starting 10/4 and onsite

November 10 - Preserving the Harvest

Learn about the key food preservation processes; freezing, dehydration and canning. Factors related to food spoilage and the science involved in prevention will be covered along with a basic review of the tools and techniques involved. Master Gardener Jeff Peters will provide a step‐by step illustration of the hot water bath canning process–an excellent resource for those with an interest in preserving their garden produce. Cost: $10 thru 10/31, $15 starting 11/1 and onsite