Roadway Completion Announcement
Travis County celebrates the grand opening of Howard Lane with a ribbon cutting ceremony

On Monday January 25, 2016 at 10:00 AM at the new Road between Harris Branch Parkway and SH 130. (map)

Commissioner Ron Davis, Precinct 1 will be Presiding
A quorum of the Commissioners Court may attend

This roadway extension is a four-lane divided road with sidewalks and bike lanes from Harris Branch Parkway to SH 130. The project was made possible by multiple agencies, property owners, developers, and the tax payers of Travis County. A lot of individuals contributed to the success of this project and we would like to acknowledge them. Please extend this invitation to members of your community, and to others that you believe may be interested in this information.

A summary description and project limits of the individual projects under this $20,000,000 construction contract are listed below:

  • Howard Lane extension is a 4-lane divided 8400 feet long extension with bicycle lanes and sidewalk from Harris Branch to SH 130. This also includes the addition of two new bridges over the Gilleland Creek and some water quality and detention facilities.
  • Harris Branch is a 2200 feet reconstruction and expansion from two lanes to a 4-lane divided road with bicycle lanes and sidewalk from Gregg Lane to 1000 feet south of Howard Lane.
  • Hill Lane extension is a 500 feet construction of a two lane section of roadway extension from the current dead end terminus of Hill Lane to the new Howard Lane. This section of Hill Lane is not currently planned to be opened to traffic.
  • Titanium Drive improvement is a 100 feet construction to convert the dead end street to connect to the new Howard Lane.
  • A 2000 feet long 12” waterline and a 1600 feet long 16” Waterline were constructed along the West and East sides respectively, of the newly expanded Harris Branch Parkway.