December 15, 2015

Because the event occurred late in the calendar year, there will not likely be a significant impact on an individual property tax bill. The property tax bill will be based on ten months of the January 1, 2015 value and two months of any revised value—prorated from the date of the disaster. Nevertheless, the Commissioners Court is seeking the reappraisals to ensure that the County is doing all that we can as a taxing jurisdiction to extend any relief possible under State law to taxpayers who were impacted during this unanticipated disaster.

The property tax bills for 2015 are due by January 31, 2016. The Tax Office has advised that a taxpayer impacted by the flood event should contact the Tax Office prior to January 31, 2016, to determine whether they qualify for an installment plan. Eligible taxpayers would pay one-fourth of their taxes prior to January 31 and would then pay the remaining taxes without penalty or interest in three equal installments. In addition, if the reappraisal process results in a lower tax bill, the Tax Office would send applicable refund checks to the affected property owners. Taxpayers should contact the Tax Office at 512-854-9473 for additional information.

For more information about property reappraisal for severe weather-impacted properties in Travis County, please go to:

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