The Travis County Sheriff's Office has received several reports of a person scamming people via phone. The person identifies himself as a Sheriff's Office Employee (Sergeant or Deputy) and says you owe a fine or fines for not going to Jury Duty or an old warrant. (Sometimes the caller ID has been altered to show the call is coming from the Sheriff's Office.)

The scammer says that he can take care of it for you if you get a (or multiple) prepaid cards from the store and call him back with the information from the card. The amounts range from a few hundred to as much as he can talk you into. The details of the call may change and it may be a female but the bottom line is the caller will ask you to give them money from a credit card or prepaid card over the phone.

IF YOU RECEIVE A CALL LIKE THIS HANG UP! A Sheriff's Office employee will not call you and ask you for money over the phone!

The caller seems to be targeting older folks. Check in with your family and friends and tell them about this. If they have given money to this scammer report it to your local law enforcement. If you have received a call and have not given money tell everyone you know to do like you did and hang up on the scammer.