In 2009, at least 32 of the people who died here in Travis County and were autopsied at the Travis County Medical Examiner Department died of chronic alcoholism. Many more people died in area hospitals of chronic alcoholism.

With years of drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, the liver is damaged, and you have a tendency to develop internal bleeding in your stomach and intestines. You tend to develop ulcers, and may gain extra fluid in your abdomen. You develop cirrhosis (hardening and scarring of your liver). This damage is irreversible and will continue until death, or if you are fortunate enough, you get a liver transplant.

These deaths are preventable.

As a social problem, advanced chronic alcoholism is difficult to treat. However, alcoholism is a progressive disease. If you question whether you are drinking too much, get help now and stop the progression. Alcoholism can destroy friendships and family relationships, and is very stressful for those whose friend or family member is drinking too much. If you are a family member or friend of a person who drinks too much, help is available for you. Get help now.

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