The Medical Examiner is a physician specially trained in the field of Forensic Pathology. The Medical Examiner performs autopsies to determine the cause of death and the manner of death. The physicians work closely with investigators within the department and police detectives who obtain information related to the person's demise.
The determination of the cause of death can be straight-forward or may be more complicated, requiring the assistance of toxicology tests, laboratory reports, hospital records, histologic examination of tissues, and other studies. In addition to their work in the autopsy room, the forensic pathologist may attend scene investigations, perform public service education to agencies that work with the office, and testify in court.

Our office is staffed by a Chief Medical Examiner, a Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, and five Deputy Medical Examiners II. All of our medical examiners are board certified in forensic pathology.


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J. Keith Pinckard, M.D., Ph.D.
Chief Medical Examiner

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