Attention: Effective, April 1, 2019, all electronic filings of civil petitions and/or proposed orders must separate exhibits from motions, petitions, proposed orders, etc. Filings in which all documents are grouped together in a single e-file will be returned for resubmission.

Default judgement filings MUST attach each piece of evidence as a separate exhibit.

Filing 1: Motion for Default Judgement

  • Exhibit A – Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Affidavit
  • Exhibit B – Signed contract indicating amount owed; copy of bill with amount sought
  • Exhibit C – Business records custodian affidavit

Filing 2: Proposed Order for Default Judgement”

Read the e-filing letter from Judge Sylvia Holmes and the Court Rules - update for civil e-filing.

  • Guide and File is a program designed to help users maneuver step-by-step through the information needed to generate forms that are required to file a case.
  • You have the option to electronically file the forms, or you may print the forms and file at the Court.
  • The user is guided through an array of questions and upon completion the answers are populated onto the proper filing form.
  • If you choose to file electronically, you must pay the required filing fee and service fees. There are no additional charges for using the service.
  • You may choose to print the documents and file at the court.
  • Guide and File has forms available for filing these types of cases: Eviction, Small Claims, Repair and Remedy.
  • Go visit Guide and File to begin your step-by-step process in generating your petitions for:

Additional forms not currently available in Guide and File

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