Chris Stangland, Web Manager

Chris has worked in web design and development since the dark ages, and worked for Travis County since the only slightly less dark ages. He still believes in the power of the web as a transformative, playfield-levelling tool in government.

Chris grew up on the east coast but the lure of easy living got him to Austin quickly.

Samantha Casertano, Webmaster

Samantha arrived at Travis County as an intern for web services. Since then she has grown to love and appreciate the world of technology and communications. She now specializes in content management and social media. Growing up as a military brat she traveled the world but finally found a resting place in Austin 9 years ago.

She is an avid Girl Scout Leader. She received her B.A. in English and is currently working on a Masters Thesis about the human condition and technology in Technical Communication at Texas State University.

Rudy Valdez, App Dev Analyst

Rudy joined web services in early 2016. He started as a Intern, moved onto a Webmaster and now works as an App Dev Analyst. His favorite languages are Javascript/JQuery, and PHP.

He's been in Austin since 2003 and loving it ever since. He has a Husky and likes going on hikes with her, or arguing daily with her on how she can't have more than 3 meals a day.

Chloe Mun, UX/UI Designer

Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, she isn’t new to sunshine and hot weather. But she is new to eating breakfast tacos every day and isn’t complaining. She swoons over perfect color palettes, loves a good logo, and admires beautiful layouts.

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