Informing Our Community

Our team identifies and analyzes community issues and informs stakeholders by:

  • Identifying best and promising practices
  • Identifying emerging trends affecting community resources
  • Compiling data from public sources
  • Conducting surveys and convening focus groups
  • Creating graphic representations of data
  • Writing briefs and reports analyzing community conditions and issues
  • Presenting products and publications to policy makers and stakeholders
  • Distributing products and tools through established community networks
  • Fulfilling requests for data through the Research & Planning Division DATA Service

Finding Solutions

Our team promotes collaborative solutions to community problems by:

  • Identifying and engaging key stakeholders
  • Fostering shared ownership of solutions
  • Managing ongoing collaborative planning and problem-solving
  • Facilitating group problem-solving retreats
  • Offering hands-on learning opportunities through Research & Planning Division internships
  • Designing and disseminating training and curriculum on community problem-solving to community members

Ensuring Effectiveness

Our team evaluates processes and systems to maximize impact by:

  • Assessing program goals and outcomes
  • Conducting process reviews
  • Recommending and supporting program improvements
  • Establishing measurable outputs and outcomes
  • Monitoring and supporting performance measurement in social services
  • Collecting and reporting performance to leadership and the community at large
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to evaluate the impact of local efforts on community problems