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Item #23 on 01/14/20 VS: At Will/Just Cause -Proposal of an Option #3

6 months 3 weeks ago #725 by caitlin
Good afternoon Court members,

With regards to Item #23 on Tuesday's agenda-Consider and Take Appropriate Action on Changes to At-Will Just Cause Section of Chapter 109-Commissioner Travillion is proposing an additional option for the Court to consider. This option, which will herein be referred to as Option 3, will include the following two Categories:
1) Hires made by Commissioners Court or the County Judge (as reflected in both attachments 1 and 2 of the backup); and
2) Chief Deputy to County Executive/Chief Operating officers (as reflected in attachment 2 of the backup).

I have highlighted and attached the categories as reflected in Tuesday's backup. For clarity, this Option 3 proposes that only the following positions that report to the Commissioners Court be At Will:
    County Executive, TNR
    County Executive, Justice Planning
    Chief Public Defender
    Juvenile Public Defender
    County Executive, HHS
    County Executive, PBO
    County Executive, Technology & Operations
    County Executive, Emergency Services
    Medical Examiner, Chief
    Fire Marshal
    Chief Emergency Management Coordinator
    Veterans Services Officer
    Intergovernmental Relations Officer
    Public Information Officer
    TNR Chief Deputy
    HHS Chief Deputy
    Technology & Operations Chief Deputy
    ME Chief Operations Officer

Caitlin Brown, on behalf of Commissioner Travillion

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