Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) carries out those responsibilities required pursuant to Public Law 99-499, Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 ("EPCRA") and related regulations.

These responsibilities include:

  • developing, training, and testing a hazardous substances emergency response plan for Travis County,
  • developing procedures by which regulated facilities notify the LEPC in accordance with EPCRA,
  • developing procedures for addressing requests from the public under the right-to-know provisions of EPCRA, and
  • giving public notice of committee activities.


Hazardous Materials Drill

Travis County LEPC Response Plan

Tier II submission information:

  • Tier II submissions, including Risk Management Plans should be submitted to LEPC@AustinTexas.Gov
  • The Travis County LEPC does not charge a submission fee for these reports
  • Submit BOTH the electronic Tier Two data files (created out of the Tier2 Submit software program) AND the pdf or word document form.
  • Ensure your Latitude/Longitude is listed and in decimal degree format. Travis County prefers that the position is recorded from the street/emergency entrance to the facility. (Site plans should be utilized to identify site storage locations).
  • Fire Districts should use the following nomenclature. If you are unsure of your appropriate fire district please check you tax record - http://www.traviscad.org/
Fire DepartmentUse the following in Tier II SubmitFire DepartmentUse the following in Tier II Submit
Austin Fire Department AFD Ce-Bar Fire Department / ESD10 ESD10
North Lake Travis Fire Rescue / Emergency Service District (ESD) 1 ESD1 Travis County Fire Rescue / ESD11 ESD11
Pflugerville Fire Department / ESD2 ESD2 Manor Fire Department / ESD12 ESD12
Oak Hill Fire Department / ESD3 ESD3 Emergency Service District 13 ESD13
Travis County Fire Control / ESD4 ESD4; Volente Fire Department / ESD14 ESD14
Manchaca Fire Department / ESD5 ESD5 Round Rock Fire Department RRFD
Lake Travis Fire Rescue / ESD6: ESD6 Cedar Park Fire Department CPFD
Pedernales Fire Department / ESD8 ESD8 Leander Fire Department LFD
Westlake Fire Department / ESD9 ESD9 Any other unlisted agency Other
  • For filing assistance please call (512) 974-0476