The Operations Division supports the District Attorney’s Office through a variety of functions. The Division’s areas of responsibility include:

Digital Forensics Unit

In 2018, District Attorney Margaret Moore gathered local law enforcement agencies to discuss the ever-growing demand in the area of digital forensics. Recognizing that almost every criminal investigation today requires the examination of at least one mobile device, DA Moore wanted to build a state of the art digital forensics unit in collaboration with law enforcement agencies that would serve the needs of the county.

By 2019, two crime analysts were hired by the District Attorney’s Office and the Travis County Sheriff’s Office to work alongside a supervising Sergeant Investigator in the newly created Digital Forensics Unit, (DFU), located inside the Travis County District Attorney’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office assigned two additional staff members to work with the DFU Team on a part-time basis. All DFU Team members have received extensive training in the area of digital forensics, and the Team hopes to expand by 2020 with the participation of other agencies. The District Attorney’s Office also acquired additional forensic equipment with the use of asset forfeiture funds to assist the Unit with the volume of devices submitted for analysis and to stay ahead of the emerging trends in the use of mobile devices to commit criminal activity.

Records Management

The records management section is where all cases coming into the office originated. The Section prepares the digital case files for prosecutors and gathers all available information that will be necessary to effectively prosecute the case moving forward. This information includes verifying the identity of the accused, running an accurate and thorough criminal history of the accused, ordering paperwork from other jurisdictions, and coordinating with outside agencies who may have additional information about the charged offense or the accused.

Information Technology

The IT section supports the District Attorney’s case management system and network, as well as the needs of individual users within the office. Recently, the IT Team played an instrumental role in transitioning the office from paper files to electronic files in the new Tech Share database system. Tech Share allows staff to enter all notes, documents, and case information into an electronic file which is accessible by defense attorneys and TCDA staff at any time from a remote location.

Budget and Finance

The financial team prepares the budget submission each year, manages the approved budget and various bank accounts, and supports purchasing functions for the office. The Travis County District Attorney’s Office has an annual budget of approximately $23,778,768 as the FY 2018 General Fund Adopted Budget.

Hot Checks

"Hot Checks" cost everybody money. Merchants in Travis County lose thousands of dollars each year and are forced to raise their prices in an attempt to cover their losses from "Hot Checks". Nationwide figures show that one of the major contributors to inflation is loss from theft. Many people have, at one time or another, written a hot check and fail to realize that writing an insufficient check is theft with a weapon, but it is still theft and your loss.

The objective of this web site is to attempt to stop this cost spiral resulting from theft in our community by informing you of how to help us enforce the law regarding "Hot Checks". We have summarized information we hope will assist you in determining the agency that will best serve you. We will also explain the criteria for each agency and their policies.

It is our belief that all of us who live here are in this together. As with any group of people engaged in a common undertaking, the more we cooperate, the more successful we will all be.

Special Projects

During 2018, the Operations Division organized the logistics of moving the entire TCDA staff into the newly constructed, Ronald Earle Building. The Operations Division provides continuous support on an as needed basis to the entire office as special projects and planning and development issues arise.