The Service Catalog defines and categorizes all information technology services provided to the Court user community. The goal is to enhance your ability to quickly identify services that can assist you and to enhance your understanding of what each service provides. A general description is provided for each service along with other helpful information such as benefits, what the service includes and how to request the service.

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Alphabetical Listing of Services 

Appointment Management Portal (AMP)

The Appointment Management Portal (AMP) allows attorneys to manage their appointments.

Application Development

Provides custom software programming for the development of computer applications supporting the Courts and broader justice communities’ mission.

Business Intelligence (BI) Services

Enables business owners across the Courts to capitalize on the robust information sources available by providing a central repository for data from systems that manage Court operations.

Business Process Redesign

This service analyzes and designs business workflows and processes within or across departmental groups.

Civil Calendaring Online (CCO)

The Civil Calendaring Online  (CCO) application enables attorneys to submit setting and announcement information to the Court Administrator.

County Infrastructure Services

Provides support for areas not controlled by the Courts Tech Team but for which we act as a liaison to Travis County ITS. This includes systems or applications such as email, Lync instant messaging, Wi-Fi and telecommunication equipment.

Courtroom and Audio Video Support

Courtroom and Audio Video (AV) Support provides the equipment and support allowing a courtroom to have a full complement of AV equipment either through the use of a mobile lectern or through a remodel of a courtroom. Equipment and support are also available to transform a room into a multimedia conference room for meeting with people in the room as well as remote attendees using video teleconferencing and web collaboration.

Desktop / User Support Services

Technology Support Services provides support for desktop systems, printers, laptops, PDAs, IT infrastructure, and end-users. Support is comprised of assistance with the recommendation, purchase, installation, configuration, maintenance, trouble-shooting and disposal of desktop hardware and software components.

Docket Displays

Docket Displays are used in both the Civil and Criminal Courthouses and provide the public with information to locate their case and the courtroom in which they are to appear.

Indigent Defense Application (IDA)

The Indigent Defense Application (IDA) unifies the processes supporting Attorney Appointment, Management and Fee Processing for the Travis County Criminal and Civil Courts.

Level 1 Technical Support

Provides a basic level of technical support for productivity and third party software.

Level 2 Technical Support

Provides a higher level of technical support than is available via internal staff expertise. The support is provided via third party service providers that have been purchased and are focused on difficult to solve problems in specific technical areas.

Judges Workbench

The Judges Workbench is the Travis County internal name for the Mentis aiSmartBench software solution that provides Civil and Criminal Court Judges an electronic interface into the Document Management System (DMS) and electronic case files from the District Clerk.

Service Desk

Serves as the single point of contact for customers requesting IT services, incident management, problem management and other support activities such as change management, release management and availability management.


SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform from Microsoft that incorporates document management, sharing, editing and workflow, as well as functions for wikis, blogs, personalization and more.

Website Development

Assisting the Courts with website development by acting as a liaison with the County’s Web Development Team who will review our requirements and offer design layout recommendations and implement the requirements.

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