The Honorable Brenda Kennedy, 403rd District Court

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The goal of Youthful Offender Support Court (YOSC) is to reduce revocations of youthful offenders to the Institutional Division by providing judicial support and specialized supportive supervision. Participants are eligible for early discharge at 1/3 of the probation term with successful participation and completion of program requirements.

The YOSC offers select participants an opportunity to participate in a program that utilizes a collaborative effort between the Judiciary, community supervision and counseling staff to provide specialized supportive supervision, intervention, treatment and resource linkage to youthful felony clients. All participants are supervised by the youthful offender Probation Officer (PO).


All participants will be supervised by the youthful offender probation officer, who will attend all court settings. The probation officer will conduct a brief orientation with each offender who is placed in the program. During the office visit, the probation officer will explain the program and its requirements and will obtain the offender’s signature on the agreement to participate form. The probation officer will follow up on missed appointments and/or court appearances within 24 hours, either by conducting a field visit to the offender’s residence, or attempting to make a phone contact with the offender or family member.

  • Must be serving a term of felony supervision
  • Must be 17 to 25 years of age
  • No first degree felonies and/or sexual offenses

The court requires a pre-sentence investigation report to identify eligible participants. All reports are reviewed by the Judge.

Once a participant has been approved, the participant's case will be transferred from the originating court to the 403rd District Court.

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