Enforcement Division

One of the primary responsibilities of the Enforcement Division of the Travis County Attorney's Office is environmental compliance.footnote 1 For this purpose, the Division has an Environmental Enforcement Section. This section is responsible for all administrative, civil and criminal (misdemeanor)footnote2 environmental prosecution for Travis County.footnote 3

The Environmental Enforcement Section generally pursues cases in three (3) basic areas of environmental regulation: solid waste, water, and air. For more information about these areas of environmental regulation, please select one of the topical headings or pictures (below) and you will be directed to a page with references, pictures and links relating to that environmental topic:

After reviewing this environmental information, if you think you may have witnessed an environmental violation, please feel free to contact us by email or by calling the Regional Environmental Task Force Hotline at (877) NO DUMPS (877) 663-8677.

Please be sure to identify yourself and tell us what you have seen and when and where you saw it. We appreciate your assistance in helping to clean up Travis County.

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  1. The Enforcement Division of the Travis County Attorney’s Office is the unit responsible for all legal action initiated by the county. Those duties include, but are not limited to: Bond Forfeiture; Animal Seizure; Subrogation; Condemnation; Subdivision Regulation enforcement; FEMA enforcement; Property Damage; Civil Collections; Condemnation and Eminent Domain; Adult Oriented Business enforcement; and, Environmental Compliance.
  2. Felonies are prosecuted by the Travis County District Attorney.
  3. In Texas, environmental enforcement is very broadly defined and thus susceptible to very broad administration. It may be administered through criminal or civil processes, the latter of which also contains a detailed administrative avenue of enforcement.

Regional Environmental Task Force Hotline

(877) NO DUMPS