The Corporation issues bonds for approved multifamily projects. While bond issues are not limited to affordable multifamily housing, the Corporation does place an emphasis on assisting persons of low and moderate income in obtaining safe, decent housing they can afford. It is the Corporation’s goal to promote efficient and well-planned growth and development, including the limitation and prevention of potential urban blight and proper coordination with surrounding uses, including mass transit if possible.

Multifamily Bond Program

To apply for the issuance of multifamily bonds by the Corporation, most application materials are available below. Please contact Andrea Shields or Karen Thigpen directly for the required Residential Development Questionnaire (Excel spreadsheet), or if there are any questions or concerns.

Affordable Apartments

A list of corporation financed properties in Travis County with affordable units. More...

The TCHFC 9% LIHTC Loan Program

According to TDHCA’s Qualified Allocation Plan for the allocation of 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), a Commitment of Development Funding by a Local Political Subdivision is a major point-scoring criteria for applicants. For proposed projects located within Travis County, TCHFC offers a loan program to meet this scoring criteria for qualified applicants. Please contact Corporation staff for further information.

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