At this time, the TCHFC has not received any funding for these programs. We will update the website immediately when a new program and/or funding is available.

Profiles in Success From Previous TCHFC Programs


Maria participated in the TBRA program for two years, calling the program “a savior” for her family. With the rental assistance and social worker support, Maria was able to complete her education. The single mom received her certification and now has a good job as a medical billing coordinator. Maria says, “I loved working with the staff. She [the case manager] was always there for me whenever I had a concern or question….[the] TBRA program has been my salvation when I had nowhere else to turn. I am truly blessed to have been selected [to participate]."


Nicole entered the TBRA program in May of 2012 and is a current client. As a single mother, balancing motherhood, a job and graduate school work was challenging, but she was making it. In May 2012, Nicole suddenly lost her job: “I never thought that I would experience this as I felt I had prepared myself with an education. TBRA has helped me keep my housing and custody of my daughter. 2012 was a difficult year for me and I couldn’t imagine where I would be now if it weren’t for the program.” Nicole continues to work with her case manager to reach her self-sufficiency goals, calling the program “more of a hand-up than a hand-out.” She gives her case manager, Ana, tremendous credit, saying working with Ana has been an empowering experience where she was always treated with dignity and respect. Nicole says, “The greatest benefit of TBRA is having the peace of mind that I can work towards my goals of self-sufficiency while receiving the needed housing support. This program has been a true blessing to me."


Loretta participated in the TBRA program for 15 months and credits the program making her more self-sufficient and financially sound. She is preparing to buy a home: TBRA “made this all possible by giving me an opportunity to get back on the right path financially after having so many problems….. I have been able to clean up my credit as well, which will help me in the present and future.” Congratulations on your new home, Loretta!

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