This property tax impact calculator is for informational purposes only. It is intended to provide the user with an estimate of the property tax increase if both of the proposed 2017 bond election propositions pass. To view the taxable value of a property, visit the Travis Central Appraisal District at

Enter the taxable value in the field below, using whole numbers after exemptions have been applied and do not enter symbols or commas.

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Estimated Annual Tax Bill Impact


Anticipated tax bill impact resulting from passage of the bond propositions
Taxable Property Value Anticipated Annual Tax Bill Impact* Anticipated Monthly Tax Bill Impact
$100,000 $8 $0.66
$200,000 $16 $1.32
(median) $237,860 $19 $1.57
$300,000 $24 $1.98
(average) $305,173 $24 $2.01
$400,000 $32 $2.63
$500,000 $40 $3.29
$600,000 $47 $3.95
$700,000 $55 $4.61
$800,000 $63 $5.27
$900,000 $71 $5.93
$1,000,000 $79 $6.58

*Numbers have been rounded to the closest whole dollar. Tax impact is projected to occur incrementally over a five year period with the full impact to be realized by FY 2023 once all debt has been issued. The estimate isolates the impact of the bond election, but does not show the effect of annual debt payoff or other future borrowing.

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