The Adult Probation Department Victim Services Office assists all crime victims whose offenders are being supervised by our department. We ensure that the legal obligations to victims are met; provide victims with information about offenders to the extent legally permissible; and serve as an information, referral and support resources for victims.


  • Provide victim notification
  • Assist with restitution issues
  • Advocate on behalf of the victim
  • Provide information about offender status
  • Make referrals to community agencies for additional services
  • Locate victims for whom restitution is due
  • Answer questions regarding a victim’s case or explaining the criminal justice system

What Information we can and cannot provide:

We CAN tell you:

  • Whether or not an offender is under supervision
  • Whether or not an offender is current on restitution
  • If a motion to revoke/adjudicate has been filed or a warrant has been issued
  • If the offender’s supervision has been transferred to another County (in Texas) or another State

We CANNOT tell you:

  • Anything about an offender's medical or psychological records or treatment
  • Whether or not an offender is in treatment for substance abuse
  • Where an offender lives or works

Contact Information

Rodolfo Pérez, Jr.

Daniel McCoy-Bae
Assistant Director

Pretrial Services

Drug Diversion Court

Adult Probation