Communications and Records Services

The Communications and Records Services (CARS) department’s mission is to develop, implement and maintain programs that deliver the greatest value to customers who seek to convey or preserve information. Television, webstreaming, print, mail, and related services combine to deliver the right media mix and to support efficiency in County government communications. The CARS department preserves and protects county records throughout their lifecycle, applying best practices to maintain compliance in the legal and regulatory landscape in which these records are managed.

The CARS Archives Program

The CARS Archives serves the government and the community of Travis County by documenting, preserving, and making available its records and history.

Information Booth at the HMS Courthouse

The information booth handles telephone and in-person inquiries for county office locations, phone numbers, and basic information on county services. They also provide notary services.

Media Services - TCTV Channel 17

Media Services broadcasts Commissioners Court meetings and a variety of informational and educational programming over the air, on cable TV, and on the internet.

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Phone: (512) 854-9575
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