CARE Program Newsletter - May 2015


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High Blood Pressure Education/Stroke Month

May is a big month for your heart and brain health. Not only is it National High Blood Pressure Education month, it’s also American Stroke Month. That’s fitting, because high blood pressure is a serious risk factor for stroke (American Heart Association, 2015). Learn more at Don’t-Let-Your-Heart-Quit! Control-Your-Blood-Pressure and Know Stroke Warning Signs. Test Your Knowledge! Stroke Warning Signs Quiz


Checkout UHC Rally

It is a fun and interactive Health Survey providing you with a measure of your overall health!


How do I start Rally?

Visit and click on Register Now (found on the left side of screen). Once registered on, click on Rally Health Survey found on the right side of screen.

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It is fun and interactive! Earn Rally coins for taking the survey and use them to win awesome stuff, such as gift cards and a Fire HD 7.

The sweepstakes is offered by United Healthcare. Get started now to get a measure of your overall health!

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Employee Health Clinic

Schedule an appointment at the Employee Health Clinic for a blood pressure check- It’s FREE!

Is your checkup due or long overdue? If the answer is yes, then call the Employee Health Clinic for a FREE checkup! Part of the checkup includes blood work which screens for cholesterol, diabetes, and much more! All FREE!!! Click on the link for clinic contact information to schedule your checkup.

A Healthy Outlook



Take 7 – 7 minutes to de-stress! Per Mayo Clinic Staff, if stress has you anxious, tense and worried, consider trying meditation. Spending even a few minutes in meditation can restore your calm and inner peace. More from the Mayo Clinic...


The CARE Program offers resources for A Healthy Outlook!

Regular Exercise

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Million Mile Month

Congratulations to the Million Mile Month Winners of the drawing!!!

Thank you for your participation!

  • Astros Ticket Winners (4 tickets to each winner):
    Giovanni Mastromatteo
    Susie Ojeda
  • Whole Foods Market $20 Gift Card Winners:
    Stephanie Holder
    Lynette Fant
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Take a stand for your health!

Have you heard…. sitting is the new smoking? “For people who sit most of the day, their risk of heart attack is about the same as smoking” ~ Martha Grogan, cardiologist, Mayo Clinic

Take a stand for your health! Click here to see a workout you can do right at your desk!

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May is Bike Month!

National Bike to Work Week 2015 will be held May 11th – 15th with bike to work day on May 15, 2015.

Resources: May Bike events in Austin
Have Fun, Get Fit, Try Bicycling to Work!
Find out how many calories you burned on your last ride

Regular cycling offers many health benefits such as:

  • increased cardiovascular fitness.
  • increased muscle strength and flexibility.
  • improved joint mobility.
  • decreased stress levels.
  • improved posture and coordination.
  • strengthened bones.
  • decreased body fat levels.
  • prevention or management of disease.

What is the single best thing you can do for your health? Click on the link below and you will learn!

Eating Right


Fun Food Facts: Kale

Why is kale one of the top, most commonly used ingredients in juices? High in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins A, C and K, kale is a super green that supports digestion, bone health, heart health, and maintenance of healthy skin and hair. Eating kale is also known to be beneficial in improving blood glucose control in diabetics, decreasing the risk of cancer, and lowering blood pressure (Career Smart Learning, 2015). Recipe: Salmon-with-Garlicky-Kale

Here are the most popular topics in healthy eating that YOU want to know about from the American Heart Association. The-Top-10-Topics-in-Healthy Eating

Eating Right resources and success stories in the CARE Program website.

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Tax Office’s Biggest Loser Challenge

Travis County TAX OFFICE is 233 pounds lighter!

Tax Office’s Biggest Loser 8 week Challenge initiated and organized by employees completed! There were 42 participants (1/3 of the Tax Office employees) in 14 teams who had a combined total weight loss of 233 pounds. Great Job!

More about the challenge & the winning team!

Way to go! You all did fantastic!!! :)

A BIG congratulations to the Fit Warriors for losing almost 7% body weight.

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What's for Dinner Tonight?

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service – Travis County offers healthy meal inspirations that are simple and delicious. Watch video now!


Health Coaching FAQ’s

Learn how healty coaching appointments work, how they can help, and how to set up an appointment.


Frequently asked questions about health coaching

Q: How long do health coaching appointments take?

A: The first appointment is in person and lasts 45-60 minutes. Any follow up appointments can be done in person or over the phone and usually last 10-30 mins.

Q: Where does the appointment take place?

A: We recommend that the first Health Coaching appointment takes place at your Travis County worksite. Becky will be able to travel to your location. Follow up visits can be done over the phone or in person.

Please note: Break rooms, cubicles, lobby's, etc. are not appropriate locations for health coaching appointments. Privacy is important as you will be discussing personal health information. Please reserve a private room prior to the appointment. If you would prefer to meet away from your specific location, you can request to meet with Becky at 700 Lavaca.

Q: How soon can I make an appointment?

A: Depending on the time of year, Becky schedules appointments out from 1-3 weeks depending on her availability and your location.

Q: How many times and how often do I or should I meet with the Health Coach?

A: The amount of visits will vary based on your specific health goals. There is no set "limit" of visits; your number of visits will be determined by your progress. The time between appointments will also be determined according to individual needs and progress.

Q: How much does health coaching cost?

A: Health Coaching appointments are free of charge, with no co-pay. It is a service that is included in your benefits offered by UnitedHealthcare and Travis County full time employees who are enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare medical plan.

Q: Who is eligible for Health Coaching?

A: Anyone who has UnitedHealthcare benefits with Travis County is eligible. IE: Employees, spouses, retirees, dependents (over 18 years of age.

Q: When are appointments available?

A: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Special exceptions can be made for those that work special shifts.

Q: What can Becky help me with?

A: Becky is able to assist with making improvements to their overall health and wellness, and provide resources and recommendations based on your needs. She can work with you on setting and achieving nutritional, health, and fitness goals. In certain cases she may also refer you to your primary care doctor, employee assistance program, registered dietician or onsite nurse.

Q: How do I set up an appointment?

A: Please contact Becky at [email protected] or 512.542.4346.


Meet Your New Onsite Health Coach

Becky Howell, Health Coach for Travis County.


Learn about Becky and her health coach services


About Becky Howell

Becky Howell has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science from the Arizona State University. She has over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and was most recently the health and fitness Program Manager for Freescale in Austin. She is excited about her new Health Coaching role with Travis County and is passionate about helping others reach their health and fitness goals through progressive, realistic and lifelong lifestyle choices.

How can a Health Coach help me?

Becky is available to meet with you to discuss any lifestyle behaviors you may want to improve such as weight loss, nutrition counseling, and disease prevention. Your Health Coach will help you create and achieve personal health goals.

Will my personal information that I share with my Health Coach be protected?

Yes, all of your personal health information will be protected in accordance with HIPAA. None of your personal information will be shared with your employer.

What other services does my Health Coach offer?

Your onsite Health Coach will plan and implement worksite wellness events and activities such as:

  • Increase understanding of modifiable health risks
  • Coach employees to develop personal health behavior goals
  • Teach employees how to navigate UnitedHealthcare wellness tools and resources
  • Refer employees to appropriate wellness programs and services
  • Plan, design, implement and evaluate workplace wellness programs
  • Provide noninvasive health screenings and health education
  • Overall, your Health Coach will inspire and motivate you to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Additional Information

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Need help finding a doctor? Not sure what resources are available for a recent diagnosis? Having claims issues? Advocate4Me is your one-stop-shop for help and answers to your questions. Call 1-800-846-4678 now to get started. More about Advocate4Me...

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Free Glucometers

If you are diabetic or newly diagnosed diabetic and need a glucometer or replacement, then please stop by the clinic with your old glucometer for a replacement. Must be on Travis County United Healthcare Plan.

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Tobacco Cessation Resources

Are you a smoker? Want to be smoke free?

Resources to help you quit.