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CATAA-lyst (Upcoming Agenda Items)

TOPIC: August CATAA memo

August CATAA memo 1 year 4 months ago #291

In August, we will continue our deliberations toward a budget to be voted on in September and an infrastructure bond to go before the voters in November. Other big items we will be considering in August include:
  • A number of Emergency Services-related items:
  • • STAR Flight aircraft replacement
    • EMS interlocal agreement with the City of Austin
    • Urban/Wildland interface disaster planning
  • Finalizing CDBG annual planning
  • Negotiations with the City of Austin on the utilization of our shared access to a portion of the Venue Tax
  • Recruitment of key personnel:
  • • Public Information Officer
    • Chief Information Officer
    • County Executive of Operations Management
Our experiment with approving resolutions and proclamations on consent and taking up those requesting recognition on the record (i.e., to be recorded by TCTV and the Clerk) at 11:30 seems to have been a success! I propose that we continue a presumption that resolutions and proclamations will go consent without being taken up at 11:30 unless the Court sponsor requests otherwise. When submitting an agenda request for a resolution or proclamation, please indicate if you want the item taken up at 11:30 so that we know whether or not that last half-hour of the morning will be available for deliberation of other agenda items.

I hope the CATAA-lyst has been useful to you, your staff, and your subcommittees. To put the CATAA-lyst in context, I’m including a overview of the weekly process behind it, the voting session agendas and the running order:
  • Tuesdays – a draft agenda is created for the upcoming week’s voting session after agenda submissions are received (noon deadline)
  • Wednesdays – Agenda Setting Meeting:
  • • After-action review of the previous day’s voting session, including resets of and follow-up on agenda items
    • Review of draft agenda for upcoming week’s voting session, including determining what items can go consent and time estimates for items requiring deliberation
    • Review of and edits (additions, rescheduling, etc.) to the CATAA-lyst
  • Thursdays – the voting session agenda & backup are posted on Clerk’s website and current CATAA-lyst is posted on online message board
  • Fridays – if needed, a revised voting session agenda is posted
  • Saturdays & Sundays – after backup is read, preliminary running order & time estimates are established
  • Mondays – running order and time estimates, including any requests for a “time certain,” are finalized, and any additional questions to facilitate the next day’s deliberations are asked/answered
On any day of the week departments can email requests for edits (additions, rescheduling, etc.) to the CATAA-lyst.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that we are cancelling the voting session on September 5th; it will be our “skip” date for the third quarter. Plan for a happy Labor Day weekend and enjoy an easier re-entry the following week!

– SE
Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt
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