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CATAA-lyst (Upcoming Agenda Items)


July CATAA Memo 1 year 5 months ago #280

As promised, I am sending you a monthly update on the CATAA-lyst along with other procedural and scheduling updates.

We will continue our deliberations re:
  • The ongoing impact of the Texas Legislature on our budget and our services
  • Preparation for November Transportation and Open Space bond elections
  • Social Service investment strategies
  • Venue Tax
  • APD evidence lab
  • Space needs for the Courts
  • Executive level staffing needs under the Judge and the Commissioners Court
  • Implementation of the Ethics Task Force recommendations
And of course, preparation for the FY18 Budget will continue through July. You have received my memo regarding inclusion of a Classified Employees Compensation Reserve, a Compression Mitigation Reserve, and a Benchmarking to Market Reserve in the preliminary budget. PBO staff will be updating us in the specifics of these reserves. We will also be getting input on the utilization of these reserves from our Compensation Committee. Bear in mind, we will be setting the elected officials’ salaries on August 1. Traditionally we have mirrored the pay increases for classified employees with that of elected officials.

To inform our deliberations, we will receive updates including the following either on Tuesdays or in work session:
  • Travis County’s bail system
  • Social Service contracting policies and procedures
  • Work force development efforts
  • The CAN Dashboard
  • The Focus on Poverty report findings
  • Emergency Service strategic planning
  • HUB policies
  • The Veterans Service Office
I am very excited that we will be piloting the teleconferencing technologies this month. Commissioner Daugherty will be teleconferencing this Tuesday. I have been advised by the County Attorney’s Office that, when teleconferencing, one must remain visible on the monitor to be counted toward the quorum. I would like to mirror that requirement for court members whether they are teleconferencing or attending in person – I will only consider a member as present for voting purposes if the member is on the dais or visible on the video conference screen. I will no longer recognize votes after the fact or from the audience.

That said, of course people will leave the dais (or their video monitor if teleconferencing) from time to time for any number of reasons. Please time your departure from the dais/video monitor to coincide with items for which you do not mind being absent for the vote or for items likely to have deliberation long enough to make it possible for your return to the dais/video monitor.

Big thanks to Barbara Rush for great suggestions on ways to give the Resolutions and Proclamations their due without compromising our limited deliberation time. For the month of July I’m going to try the following:
  • Put the Resolutions and Proclamations on the Consent motion for 9am
  • Recess at 11:30 to take up Proclamations and Resolutions for reading of the Proclamation and Resolutions, remarks, and photos
We’ll still break for lunch 12–1:30. And, as usual, if we have a lot of weighty items, I reserve the possibility of shortening lunch to 12–1.

– SE
Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt
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