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Veterans Treatment Court is a specialized court designed to meet the particular needs of the veteran community. The goal is to promote sobriety, recovery, and stability through a coordinated response that involves the cooperation and collaboration of many different levels of the Veterans Treatment Court team. Eligible veteran-defendants will be diverted from traditional or other specialty courts to a specialized criminal court docket specifically crafted for them via a 12- to 24- month program. Participating veterans suffer from a traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other mental disorder, including victims of military sexual trauma that occurred during or resulted from the defendant’s military service and affected the defendant’s criminal conduct at issue in the case. The court substitutes a treatment-based problem-solving model for traditional court processing in conjunction with the Veterans Treatment Court team.


The mission of Veteran Treatment Court is to successfully rehabilitate veterans by diverting them from the traditional criminal justice system and provide them with the tools they need to lead a productive and law-abiding lifestyle.


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Veterans Treatment Court

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