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Resale Property Information

Property Details for 0000  OVERLAND TR

Legal Description:
      LOT 14032 BAR-K

  1. Parcel / Account Number: 01867316060000
         Billing Number:
  2. Linked Account Numbers: 0
  3. Property Type: Vacant Lot
  4. Cause or Lawsuit Number: 9405799
  5. Date of judgment: 11/19/02
  6. Last year on the tax roll: 2008
  7. Appraised value for the above year: $4,200.00
  8. First delinquent tax year: 1991
  9. Number of tax years delinquent: 17
  10. Total amount due MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE BID: $4,185.97


  1. Parcel / Account Number: a unique number used to research property information at the Travis County Tax Office and the Travis Central Appraisal District. The Billing Number may be used in lieu of the account number at Travis County Offices; it is not used at the Appraisal District.
  2. Linked Account Numbers: a single property may have different account numbers for different tax years. All account numbers linked to the same property must be considered in any bid. The total amounts due and minimum bids are cumulative.
  3. Property Type: a basic description of the property at the time it was struck off. Examples are vacant lot, single family residence, acreage, etc. Buyers are encouraged to research the property to verify its current status.
  4. Cause or Lawsuit Number: a unique reference number used to research lawsuit details in the Travis County District Clerk's office.
  5. Date of Judgment: the date the courts granted a foreclosure judgment.
  6. Last year on the tax roll: the year the property was "struck off" the tax roll. Current taxes for that year are prorated and no new taxes are levied until the property is resold and back on the tax roll. However, penalties and interest on prior year delinquencies continue to accrue.
  7. Appraised value for the above year: the value at the time the property was struck. Note that this value may be several years old; for more current value information you will need to do additional research. You may contact the Travis Central Appraisal District at or (512) 834-9138.
  8. First delinquent tax year: first year of unpaid taxes.
  9. Number of tax years delinquent: number of years with unpaid taxes: not all prior years may be delinquent.
  10. Minimum Acceptable Bid: In most cases, this IS the Minimum Acceptable Bid. On rare occasions a resale property may sell for less than the Minimum Acceptable Bid. For example, if the Minimum Acceptable Bid greatly exceeds the current value of the property, it is possible that a lower bid may be considered. Note: If the Minimum Acceptable Bid showing is "0" please contact the tax office at (512) 854 9473 for further information.